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RoyalTee Magazine profiles millennial, minority women who are making strides in business, arts and humanitarian work through entrepreneurial endeavors. 

RoyalTee Girls empowers younger Queens through self-love and higher self-esteem.

RoyalTee highlights women in three categories: On The Rise, On The Go and Royal Women.

On the Rise features young women who are using their individual talents to pave their own avenues and build their own businesses. The doors these queens open make room for the next queen to come in. On the Rise chases passion and turns that desire into a full-time career.

On the Go focuses on the lifestyle of a woman that is on the move; from consumer to beauty and fashion. A woman on the go is busy building an empire but also constantly seeking out the latest fashion, beauty and consumer trends.

Royal Woman Maya Angelo calls her a ‘phenomenal woman’. A Royal Woman is FIERCE and PASSIONATE; she makes bold moves in her personal and professional life. Royal women are investors with their sight on the bigger picture and have no time to focus on fear and insecurities. Royal Women triumph over their fears, evolve from their mistakes and are elite over their accomplishments.