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Are you interested in writing for RoyalTee Magazine?

We’re going to assume the answer is YES! Thank you for your interest in writing for RoyalTee Magazine and RoyalTee Girls.


Before you submit

Who are you writing to?

Millennial, minority women and not just black women! Although RoyalTee was founded on the desire to showcase #blackgirlmagic, our brand seeks to reach out to other women of color (Latinas, Asians, Indians). In other words, we LOVE diversity!


Our readers are 9 to 5 career women, full-time entrepreneurs or both! They’re movers and shakers. They’re supporters and value collaboration over competition.

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Our readers are diverse, stylish, bold, educated, confident but she acknowledges there is always room for self-growth. She wants to know the latest trends (fashion, food, music, travel), the newest brands and businesses to look out for, the social and health issues that could impact their daily lives.


She loves listening to podcasts and interviews that could give her that ‘woke’ moment. Self-care is essential in their lives.


Some of our readers are single, others are ‘booed up’ and married. It may be a little harder to find these days, but we KNOW chivalry is not dead. She loves relationship, sex and dating advice that could lead her to true love and understands you have to kiss a few frogs before you get to a prince.


She values self-love and expression. Oh yes and she loves to have fun


Topics we love:

Started from the bottom and now you’re here! We love stories about women that tell the journey of women. We love stories about your trials AND triumphs. Those exclusive, in-depth ‘Oprah type’ features. No matter how big or small, you never know how your story can inspire someone else. (Royal Woman)


We love stories that show Royal Women on the move; starting new careers, ventures and businesses (On The Rise).

RoyalTee is not meant for the woman who has it all together, but we’re getting there.


RoyalTee Girls:

Growing up personally, there was not an outlet out for young girls of color, especially black girls. This is what we want RoyalTee Girls to be!


We love coming-of-age stories for our tweens and teens and stories about overcoming storms and tribulations, stories that teach a lesson and reveal blessings. Stories that empower, inspire, motivate and encourage.

Stories that seek to empower young girls of color through self-love and higher self-esteem. We LOVE features about “teenpreneurs” and young girls doing positive things in their community that impacts others.

AND at the end of the day, it’s teenagers! Topics we would love include fashion, music, hair (the kinky, coily type, natural or curly, wash-and-go or wrap), school (education first! The boys are not going anywhere-trust), that first kiss (awkward?), prom, dating… you get it.

*Internships available for college and high-school students. To learn more CLICK HERE *

Writing Submission Guidelines:

  • Articles must be a minimum of 250 words
  • Personal essays, first-person narratives, opinion articles will be considered.
  • If images are included, the photography must be properly sourced and copyright free. GETTY IMAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED
  • If images are used from a photographer, courtesy must be provided and proof of permission for use
  • Submissions are unpaid
  • Content must be TIMELY AND TRENDING . Remember if you won’t read it, don’t make others read it
  • Edits to submissions will be subjective to the editor.
  • RoyalTee Magazine reserves the right to accept or deny any submissions
  • All submissions must be sent to connect@royalteemagazine.com

Photography Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions must be original content. Proper accreditations are required ( model name, designer, location, etc.)
  • Submissions from the original photographer are preferred
  • Images must not be previously published in another media outlet.
  • Photographer can submit up to 5 looks.
  • Images must be in JPG format
  • Submissions are reviewed on content, quality, timeliness, and availability of space
  • RoyalTee Magazine reserves the right to accept or deny any submissions
  • All submissions must be sent to connect@royalteemagazine.com