• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

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Based out of Tampa, Fla., RoyalTee Girls Magazine is an upcoming magazine for teen girls! Our digital publication used to empower minority teen girls through self -love and higher self-esteem. Let’s face it.



As young women, our teenage years can be some of the most turbulent years of our lives. And they can also be the most rewarding! We love stories coming-of-age stories, mistakes made, lessons learned. First kiss (always books before boys), natural hair bliss, health, daily life, inspirational stories (because it’s not room for hate) if it’s interesting you, it’s interesting to us!



RoyalTee Girls is a part of RoyalTee Magazine, a quarterly magazine that profiles millennial, minority women who are making strides in business, arts and humanitarian work through entrepreneurial endeavors. It was started in 2015 by Alexia McKay. Alexia is a graduate of  Florida A&M University. She currently lives in Tampa, Fla.