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It’s My First Mother’s Day And I’m Feeling Negative About it, Why?

There’s a sense of dread I feel about this particular holiday. I didn’t know it until the night before. I was sitting in my car when I burst out crying. Trying to grasp the concept that I would be celebrated this day for the first time. And it wasn’t the situation that I thought I […]

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Motherhood Woes: A Commercial Showing the Realities of Postpartum is Rejected From Airing

#RoyalWoman Motherhood is a blessing. Those first moments when your child is born is the purest, feeling of love a woman could ever experience. But those first, few days of our greatest blessing could also be our greatest turmoil. Giving birth is painful, uncomfortable and tiresome. Not to mention foreign and bloody, especially for women […]

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My Mother Is Gone, But She and Others Inspired Me To Be The Royal Woman I Needed To Be For My Child

#RoyalWomenInspire  In any journey of life, people find examples, role models and influences that can give advice or a road map of success. The same can be said for women going through the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. I wanted to talk to my mom for the same reasons. She was the definition of a […]

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‘Mommy and Me’ Support Groups Could Be The Outlet Every New Mother Needs

#RoyalWoman Many women go into pregnancy and motherhood believing they are prepared and have an awesome support system. And truth is, many of them do. Awesome partners that are there every step of the way with encouraging smiles while holding her hair back during morning sickness. Parents and in-laws who stop by and watch their […]