• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
Amanda Gorman

We had a Black president and First lady. We currently have a Black Vice President, so why not add a Black female president to the resume! Amanda Gorman may be a potential candidate because she plans to run for president in 2036. Gorman wrote and performed The Hill We Climb at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Both of her poetry books sold out before their release dates back in January. 

Gorman, 23, has shared several times about her presidential aspirations. The most recent manifestation was in WSJ Magazine as their fall women’s cover feature. Gorman told WSJ she used to talk about doing the “poetry thing for a little bit” and then eventually “switching over to politics.”

“Being able to talk to people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, I realized I don’t have to change who I am to be a leader,” Gorman said.  “If anything, those qualities will be what become my strength when I bring them into my field.”

Gorman’s White House aspirations go as far back as 2018 when her alma mater’s college publication, the Harvard Crimson, described her as a “self-described future candidate for the U.S. presidency.”

Her supporters 

If Gorman decides to make a run for the White House, she’ll have some boss Royal Women in her corner supporting her, such as Forever First Lady Obama. 

“Looking at her, I see someone who can help us draw even closer to a better, more inclusive America,” Michelle spoke about Gorman’s to WSJ.  “Someone who will use her identity as a Black woman and her ability to connect with others to help reshape and repair the world around us.”

Gorman also has Hilary Clinton’s vote.  On Inauguration Day, Clinton tweeted a selfie with Gorman and former President Bill Clinton with the caption, “Wasn’t @TheAmandaGorman’s poem just stunning? She’s promised to run for president in 2036 and I for one just can’t wait.”

In one of her post-Inauguration interviews with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Gorman talked about her supporters. 

“I have so many supporters, so many organizations that have supported me—whether it be Urban Word, the National Youth Poet Laureate Program, or Write Girl LA, where I got a lot of free creative writing resources when I was that skinny girl with the speech impediment who needed a mentor,” she said. 

If Gorman decides to run for the Oval Office, she will become the second Black woman to run for president behind Rep. Shirley Chisolm.