• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Kyla Pratt Talks About Her Role On FOX’s ‘Call Me Kat’

Kyla Pratt/Call Me Kat

While we anxiously await to see Kyla Pratt resurrect Penny Proud in The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, you can watch her on Call Me Kat. The comedy, inspired heavily by British sitcom, Miranda, premiered its season 2 on FOX on Jan. 9.

The show, starring Mayim Bialik, is about a 39-year-old woman who uses the money her parents gave her to save her wedding to open a cat-themed cafe in Lousiville instead.

“In Season 2, Kat’s back, navigating life’s ups and downs with a little more self-assurance and a lot more whimsy. Kat’s in her element at her lively cat café, working alongside her friends: Randi and Phil,” according to its synopsis. “This year, Kat will find herself in all sorts of predicaments, handling them as only she can – with joy, humor, and positivity.”

Pretty much, if you like The Office and Big Bang Theory, this is a quirky comedy you will appreciate. 

Pratt plays Randi, a waitress at Kat’s Cafe. But Randi and Kat eventually become friends.  Last summer, Pratt told RoyalTee about her character and called it “a coming-of-age show for a woman who is still coming of age.” 

“Society has put all these certain rules on us that’s like, ‘Oh, you have to do this by this time. You have to do that, by that time,’ Pratt talks about the dynamics of the show during a virtual interview. “And that’s what I love about the main character, Kat. She’s basically like I don’t have to have all these things that society says I have to have to be happy. I can do things to the beat of my own drum at whatever age.”

She went on to talk about her character Randy and Kat’s relationship. “It shows how different people can be, but how they can bond together and learn from each other and develop friendships. And I really feel like I do take a little bit of Randy. But then Randy does the opposite of what I do all the time.” 

The One on One star was our 2020 summer cover feature. Watch Call Me Kat on FOX