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RoyalTee Exclusive: Getting ‘Unplugged’ with Soca-R&B singer J’Nelle



Tampa, Florida is a city that holds a lot of hidden jewels. One of the jewels is Janelle ‘ J’nelle‘ Richardson. RoyalTee first sat down the soca, R&B singer back in 2018 for our summer edition. Even then it was ‘crystal clear’ that this Royal Woman was definitely someone we should keep our eyes ( and lashes) on.

Fast-forward to 2019, the Trinidadian native has sung the national anthem at the Tampa Bay Buccanneers game, expanded her teen mentorship organization, She Got Vision and released a new album titled ‘Crystal Clear’. 

In between mic checks, makeup and greeting her guests, RoyalTee got an update with the 29-year-old as she prepared to grace us with a  raw, unfiltered concert, titled ‘Crystal Clear Unplugged’.

Photo Credit: Lava Photos 813

The performance was intimate and gave fans were given the opportunity to get up close and personal with J’nelle, and ask her questions about her songs. J’nelle told us the concert was all about creating a safe peace for her audience and giving them the opportunity to be ‘at one’ with her. 

You spoke with us (RoyalTee) last summer in our first edition. Since then, what has changed in your music and in your life? 

J’nelle: “A lot has changed.  I’ve had a lot of growth in my mental, in my mind and just growing in those elements.  My music has definitely grown over the year. I say that because I’m more open and I’m more transparent. Before I used to be hesitant of showing those types of emotions through songs. But with the inspiration of others just telling me ‘girl you’ve inspired me’ and  ‘I’m overcoming this situation’, that really makes me want to open up a little bit more.”

What was your inspiration behind ‘Crystal Clear ‘?

J’nelle: “I wanted people to understand my transparency and vulnerability. I think music is very, very inspiring and so touching in our universe right now. And I want people to see who I am and not having to worry and feel free! And know that I have a story and I want to share that story and I want to inspire somebody to share their story.” 

What can your fans expect from this new album? 

J’nelle: “You can expect realness, you can expect me embracing my culture with the Caribbean vibe and R&B. And you can just experience J’nelle, the true J’nelle that has been hiding for years.” 

“My music has definitely grown over the year. I say that because I’m more open and I’m more transparent.” 

Well, we already know that you’re a Royal Woman, what keeps you holding that title?

J’nelle: “The thing that makes me continue to be a Royal Woman is basically understanding who I am genuinely and not allowing the outside voices to deter or mold me on who I am created to be.” 

Follow J’nelle’s journey on IG at @iamjnelle

Crystal Clear is available on iTunes and Spotify.