• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

How Michelle Obama Came and Slayed Inauguration Day In Her Sergio Hudson Outfit

Hair laid! Body slay! Michelle Obama did not have to do us the way she did on Inauguration Day! From head-to-toe, our fierce forever First Lady was flawless in her Sergio Hudson 3-piece burgundy set.

Like VP Kamala Harris, Mrs. Obama choose to use her fashionista platform to highlight Black designers.

Hudson is a South Carolina native, who styled Royal Women ( and Obama’s homegirls) such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Tiffany Haddish. His brand is described as “immaculate tailoring and infusions of androgyny paired with overtly sexy silhouettes,” according to his website. 

Obama’s inauguration outfit is from the designer’s  2020 Fall/Winter collection. Her belt alone retails on Hudson’s website for $295. 

The LA-based designer found the perfect balance of elegance and power, to compliment the commanding, regal presence that is Mrs. Obama. 

Social media fell in love all over again with our forever First Lady. VP’s Harris’ niece, Meena Harris, described Mrs. Obama’s stylish presence as an almost divine one.

No I am still not over Michelle Obama yesterday,” she tweeted. “Not to be dramatic but with her height on top of the flyness, it felt like a goddess came down from the heavens to bless us mere earthlings for an auspicious occasion.”

“Hair, LAID. Waist, CINCHED. Fit, BIG DRIP – my forever First Lady did not come to play,” another woman tweeted.

Obama has worn Hudson before. In 2019, she supported his brand at the  Essence Festival in New Orleans when she wore a sparkling jumpsuit with one of his signature belts. 

Former President Barack Obama was pretty suave himself, but it was clear to all that the wife stole the show! 

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