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How DaniLeigh’s “Yellow Bone” Sparks The Still-Important Conversation Of Colorism

DaniLeigh apologizes for "Yellow Bone" song.

Danileigh’s apology for her “Yellow Bone” song is a start but it’s not enough. If anything apology sparks a much-needed conversation on colorism, that in 2021, still needs to be had obviously. Recently, the Dominican-American singer previewed a snippet of her new song “Yellow Bone” during a now-deleted Instagram video. 

The backlash she received was immense, to say the least. The lyrics the singer mouthed were “Yellow Bone is what he wants”.

It didn’t take long for the tweets and comments to start rolling in. Many explained just how tone-deaf and problematic the song was. A few people responded by bringing up old tweets from the singer’s past linking her to colorism and racism. 


The reactions 









Later on Jan 21, Dani took to her Instagram commenting on the backlash: “Why I can’t make a song for my lightskin baddies?? Why ya’ll think I’m hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all types…why ya’ll so sensitive & take it so personal…gahhhh damn.” 

Unsurprisingly, this response was not received well and the backlash continued. The singer then issued an apology video, also now-deleted, via Instagram on Monday, Jan. 25.

Just when you think this issue could not get any worse, it does.


Here’s the problem…

Well, problems really, because there are honestly so many.

Number one, the song itself. It is well known that her “chocolate man”, rapper DaBaby, has a beautiful daughter. The daughter’s mother, an equally beautiful dark-skin Black woman, is named Meme. It is also well known that Meme and DaniLeigh have been not on the best of terms since the singer began dating the rapper.

Despite Dani saying “I never looked at myself as better than anybody or more superior”  due to her skin color, the pettiness behind the track did not go over any heads.

The term “yellow bone” was adopted by the Black culture to describe light skin, Black women. DaniLeigh is not a Black woman; she is a Latina. Period. Furthermore, calling herself a yellow bone is problematic and offensive. I am all for self-empowerment! I am also all about celebrating one’s culture.

People even tried to say this song is similar to Beyonce’s empowering song “Brown Skin Girl”. This was, in my opinion, a reach.

“Brown Skin Girl ” was meant to shine a light on and uplift women of brown to darker skin complexion. Why? Because during the time the song debuted and even today, colorism is a pressing issue.

Black women of darker complexion are often impacted negatively in the Black community.  So, Ms.Dani, this was not it. Next time, instead of using someone’s culture to slander that someone, try truly celebrating yourself and your Dominican culture. 

This So-Called “Apology”



This tweet really sums up the problem with Dani’s apology perfectly.

On top of this, Dani claims “I wasn’t as knowledgeable in the topic” of colorism. This seems a bit weak to me. Colorism is not a new anomaly. Talk to your girl Amara La Negra. It’s been an issue for centuries.

Black women who are light-skinned have been cherished as the standard of Black beauty. Respectfully, light-skinned women do not need an anthem when they are already considered valuable and desirable in society.

Lastly, and this goes without saying, having Black friends and dating Black people does not mean one cannot be racist. So, let’s stop with this tired excuse.

In the words of Ms. Arielle Gray from Glamour.com, whether DaniLeigh meant it to be or not “Yellow Bone” is a clear weaponization of skin color as a marker of desirability and worth”. 


Watch the “Yellow Bone” video below: 


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