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“I AM’ Nikkie Pryce

ByAlexia McKay

Apr 25, 2016
What started as a proclamation of self-love is fast becoming an international movement.

Nikkie Pryce is the founder and creator of the “I Am” community. It all started when Pryce began posting daily “I Am” affirmations ( i.e.I am confident, I am beautiful, I am successful). These postings were not for anyone else but herself.  “The two words ‘I AM’ have so much power and whatever you attach to it will come looking for you.”  Inspired by the positive feedback from her posts, Pryce launched “IAM” community and challenge that encourages self-love and self-awareness.

“People would message and tell me how my posts are changing their lives,” Pryce tells Royaltee.  “You create the world that you’re living in by the simple things you think, say and do. Change a negative into a positive and start decreeing your positive I Am affirmations.

We leave every year with challenges, some conquered, and others yet to be overcome.  We sat down with Pryce for a one-on-one on how to handle prospective blocks in the New Year.

RoyalTee: Some women will be leaving 2015 feeling accomplished, while others leave with mixed feelings and regrets (i.e from unachieved goals, personal growth). What advice would you give to those women who feel guilty of these shortcomings?

Nikkie: Take a second. Breathe and relax. Shortcomings, unachieved goals are all a part of your process to victory. This road traveled is not an easy one, but it will become quite rewarding. When people say “trust the process” it tends to sound a bit cliche’ but it isn’t anything short of the truth. Trust all of the mishaps and know that everything is coming together for your good in the end. You will have the upper hand. The good thing about “unachieved goals” is that you’ve been moving. You’ve been working towards those goals and even though you haven’t conquered them as of yet, your diligent work will soon be rewarded. For this next year, what is it that you truly wish to accomplish? What’s the business idea that you want to start? What’s the expected end goal? Once you’ve figured it out, put the necessary steps towards conquering that goal and move on to the next. Start affirming yourself every morning with daily I AM affirmations that say “I AM a successful business owner, I AM creating generational wealth, I AM starting a business that will increase the wellness of others, I AM making a difference!” Decree your I AM affirmations and get going! Someone is waiting for you to succeed!

RoyalTee: How about keeping our New Years resolutions? We’re usually pretty consistent with them for the first month or two then they die off. What suggestions would you give to make sure our resolutions stick throughout the whole year?

Nikkie: Consistency, literally, working at it every single day. Your New Year resolutions are just like a fresh new relationship. You’ll be up and happy, excited about all it brings, then you’ll feel down at times, frustrated, confused and wondering if it’s worth it. But anything worth having is worth putting forth the effort. Sometimes, going past your own limitations makes all the difference. For 2016, be so consistent that it even surprises you. On top of that, never ever stop. Period.

RoyalTee: Finally using your ‘I AM’ affirmation, what makes Nikkie a Royal Woman?

Nikkie: I AM royalty because I understand that I come from royalty. I AM an heir to the throne. My father God owns this entire universe and because I know I sit under royalty I will always be connected to royalty. This means that I AM and will always have the best of the best. I’m not perfect, I have shortcomings and mistakes as well but it’s something about his loving grace that makes all the difference. We truly ALL are royalty. This mentality will allow us to know that we don’t have to settle for mediocrity. You will have the best life there is and you will experience new places, foods, venues, posh decor and great company if you believe that you deserve it. Say it with me “I AM royalty” and start thinking of what that really looks like. Go after it, non-stop.

You can learn more about Nikkie and the “IAM Community” at iamcommunity.com.  Also follow on Instagram and Twitter @iamcommunity_

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Alexia McKay

A working journalist, entrepreneur and founder of RoyalTee Enterprises. Born and raised in Tampa, Fla. The vision of RoyalTee was inspired in 2015 by Alexia’s ambitions to return to her passion for creative writing and publishing and create a platform to showcase the excellence of minority women across the country through professional, personal and social ventures.