Royal Woman

What Makes a Phenomenal Woman?

I believe what makes a woman phenomenal is being true to oneself; whether its character traits, flaws or her innermost desires.

A lot of women do not like what they look like, so they hide behind makeup, plastic surgery or awkward clothing. You should not care what other people think of you; not only as a woman but as a human being as well. What’s important is having confidence and self-esteem for yourself. As long as you are comfortable in your own skin, it does not matter what other people may say or think.

Once a woman can accept her physical attributes, then she will be able to tackle her flaws. We all have flaws. Some are more noticeable than others. If psychological therapy is needed to address those problems, take it. There’s a common misconception that people who seek medical help for their social issues are crazy. No- that idea is crazy. In order for a woman to be a ‘phenomenal woman,’ you must acknowledge those flaws and do whatever is in your power to strengthen them].

Once a woman can accept her looks and consistently work on fixing her flaws, now she can easily understand what her passion is. More importantly, what her purpose is in life. When she knows exactly what her destiny is, she has no other option but to fulfill it. The fact that she is a woman will not stop her from living out the lifestyle she dreams of acquiring someday.

A woman who knows what she wants and will risk everything on achieving those goals effortlessly, is truly a phenomenal woman.

***Joshua Jackson is a motivational speaker and author of “How to Pimp Corporate America.”

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