• Sun. May 16th, 2021

It officially Spring! The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining!

With the weather steadily becoming warmer, this is the perfect time for a juicy wash n’ go. A luscious twist out is also great for the season! Let’s be honest, the winter season was a period of silk presses and protective styles like twists, and braids. Now, it’s time to let the coils breathe sis!

Here are some ways to rejuvenate your curls for springtime. These are some of my favorite natural hair care products to use during these warmer months. Please keep in mind that these tips and products may not work for everyone. While I am not a licensed hairstylist, I’m not new to being a naturalista! So please, give these tips a try!

Cleansing Your Coils! 

First things first, when taking down your protective styles, it is nice to use a natural clarifying shampoo. My all-time favorite one to use is by the Black-owned brand Kinky-Curly! Their “Come Clean” shampoo works wonders for me. Their all-natural ingredients cleanse my hair of oils, product build-up, and dirt without leaving my hair feeling stripped and tangled. Depending on how long you’ve kept your protective style in, 2-3 washes are the way to go!


After a cleansing shampoo, a follow-up with a conditioning one is a must! I love to use Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner. This line is honestly my favorite of Carol’s Daughter. That being said, I follow up with their Divine-Strength Leave-In Cream. This leave-in conditioner is amazing! I use this as a leave-in and a curling aid for my finger coils. This line is a bit pricy, the leave-in alone retailing around $12. However, I believe it is totally worth it!

Reviving Your Curls!

Time for the curls! For my wash n’ goes, there are so many products in my arsenal. From jams to creams, to gels–I have them all. However, during the warmer seasons, I like to keep things light. I typically go for the fluffy look. That being said I love to use curling creams! My favorite one to use is by the brand Creme Of Nature. The product comes from their pure honey line and it is called the Argan Oil Pure Honey Curl Activator .

With this product, I love to do my finger coil wash n’ go! Using this method–where you section off your hair and wrap your strands around your finger–can be pretty time-consuming. Every natural lady knows that with finger coiling the part of a wash and go does not really hold up. So, for a more quick wash and go I like to use a stronghold yet soft gel!


 Aunt Jackie’s Curl Boss leaves my hair soft and shiny thanks to the coconut oil infused in it. With a product like this, you can easily rake it through your curls with a Denman brush or wide tooth comb depending on your hair density.

During the springtime, I don’t like to use a lot of products so personally, all I need is a good leave-in, a curl cream, and I’m ready to go!  

I find that throwing in a small amount of coconut oil can also do your curls good when it comes to locking in the moisture!

Deanna Kenner

Deanna Kenner is an Atlanta native. She is a recent college graduate from Georgia State University receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English. Her favorite is blue as you may tell by her funky hair color and she has a passion for writing and reading.