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Election Season is Over: Here’s 10 Quick Ways to Detox

Multiple media outlets consider this past presidential election the most controversial, popular and talked-about campaign of all time. Debatable. But we can all agree that campaign season can bring a range of emotions, from discontentment, anger, sadness and frustration to feeling overwhelmed, sleep-deprived or just simply unsure. And whether your candidate was elected or not, feeling stressed about the outcome can be a understatement. However, RoyalTee has a few suggestions to help you with that.


   1. Cut Back on Social Media

Especially if Tuesday’s news was a big heart-stopper to you. It doesn’t make it any easier on yourself to read other’s posts and memes of rants and anger. Nor does it make it any better to join in on the venting or post one of your own. And logging off and checking your timeline a few minutes later is a no help either. Whether you log off all day or just five minutes, the headlines and posts will be the same.

  2. Don’t Watch the Television Coverage

Which plays off of reason #1. News commentators will be talking about the outcome of this election for the next couple of weeks. And again, no matter which station you watch, the results will still be the same. Don’t burden yourself thinking anything different will be said. Instead, detox a little by catching up on your favorite television shows. Watch something inspiring, such as The Food Network and Travel Channel ( and LifeTime, depending on the time of day). Binge watch a series On Deor Netflix that you never seem to have time for.

 3.   If You Don’t Have Nothing Nice to Say, Keep it to Yourself

Its a lesson we’ve been thought since we were kids. And as a growing “grown-up”, its a lesson many of us are constantly learning. Whether you have to scream in a pillow or your car , sometimes the best reply is no reply. Period. Blank.  Yes there are those on social media or even in your everyday lives that are not doing the same. But just because they’re looking for a reaction, doesn’t mean you have to give them one. Express those thoughts in private to someone close to you.

  4. Catch a afternoon movie

Or evening, whichever is best. Whether its a older movie or one in theaters, we all have that one movie that we love to pieces and no one else does. Or its one that we can watch over and over again like its the first time ( i.e. for me, those movies are The Mummy and all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films). And of course, a classic Disney movie is always nice, especially with a extra buttery popcorn and some warm fuzzy socks and PJs. (sigh) Sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it?


5. Treat Yourself to a Date

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be with someone. There’s plenty of activities a person can enjoy by themselves; such as, a day at the park or zoo. Or if you live close to a beach, grab a towel and umbrella ( perhaps a book as well), pop on the shades and listen to the sound of the waves, which is always therapeutic. Take up a painting class.   And of course ladies, there’s always the nail salon and shopping. There’s nothing like a full set and half-off sales that can brush all of our burdens away.


6. Exercise

A burden to some and a stress reliever for others. If you find it hard to stay disciplined and keep a steady fitness schedule, try hiring a trainer or enrolling into a workout class. If those classes are fun and interactive, such as Zumba or Pole Dance, it can be easy to figure you’re sweating off calories and frustrations. But don’t go to the gym too worked up. According to a study by the American Heart Association, working out angry can increase your risks of having a heart attack. So you may want to refer to steps 1-5 before trying this one.


7. Focus on the Positivity in your Life

Despite the heaviness around you, pause for a moment to take in effect all of the goodness that’s going on for you right now. Is it a happy relationship? Good friends? A loving and supportive family ? A good job? A new promotion or business venture?  A new car? A new house? Bills are paid? There’s plenty of things in our own lives that hasn’t been tainted by politics that we can all be thankful for.  And if for some reason, none of those things are working out for you, just think you still have warm blood in your veins, there’s not a sky of fire outside and zombies are not trying to break through your window. Yes, it could be a lot worse, stay away from the negativity.


8. Listen to Calming Music

Music is therapy. Lay in the middle of your bed, turn off the T.V and hook the phone up to your favorite Pandora station. Sometimes lyrics in a song can express our feelings better than we can.


9. Take a Short Vacation

Whether you’re going out of town to visit a old friend or attending a concert, a temporary change of scenery is always beneficial.  But just make sure you come back!

10. Acceptance in knowing you did your part

Its like a bad habit, first you have to accept you have one. Ask yourself  three questions. Did you register to vote? Did you vote? Did you pick the best choices for your life? Because remember, its more on the ballot than the next President of the United States. There were other issues to consider as well, such as gun control, the death penalty and medical marijuana. Local and state offices had to be chosen. And if you completed all of those tasks, you have truly done all you can do.  So inhale. Exhale. Live and love life. We promise you everything will be alright.