Everything that was Royal at the BET Awards

It was pure ROYALTY Sunday night at this year’s BET Awards! Below are a few of our favorite moments.

1. Let your freedom ring- even if it means getting a little wet

Starting with the Queen Bee and Kendrick Lamar, reminding us that the revolution will *not* be televised in their performance of “Freedom.”


2 .The Tributes to Prince

Nice try, all other major music shows and networks, but BET SLAYED! Beginning with Erykah Badu  and The Roots with a rendition of the late singer’s 1987, “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, Bilal’s classic Prince fallout of “The Beautiful One”, Janelle  Monae’s had Prince’s footwork down to the tee in her version of “I Would Die for You.” (Refer to our Instagram @royalteemag to see the clips)

BUT it was Jennifer Hudson…. Jennifer Hudson… Jennifer Hudson.  You know what- just refer to the video below.

3. Alicia Keys shows that beauty is only skin deep by alicia keysstaying true to #nomakeup


For a show, where all the fashion and make-up stops are taken to pull off the most flawless and perfect look, the 35 year-old songstress rocked the entire show natural- down to her wrapped hair.

4. Chloe x Hall

These ladies are being groomed by Beyoncé herself; therefore, defiantly worth keeping on our radar as young Royal Women  #ontherise 


5. A reminder to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

dont trump america

Throughout the night, we were reminded to exercise our right to vote in what could be one of the most crucial presidential elections in the modern age.  Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of BET, Deborah Lee, stressed the importance of knowing where candidates stand on important topics, such as gun rights. And Usher stood put no limits on his feelings about the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, reminding us to ‘Don’t Trump America.” 

6. “Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

As our modern civil rights leader, actor and activist Jesse Williams didn’t hold anything back when accepting this year’s Humanitarian Award for his involvement in the Black Lives Matter Movement.  For five minutes, he preached the importance of  #BlackLivesMatter and pledged to continue advocating on OUR behalf.

**By the way, if anyone has the official transcript of his acceptance speech, please feel free to share so we can post on our bathroom mirror and refrigerator**



7. Celebrating black excellence is always great

At the end of the day, on any occasion, its always empowering to celebrate the achievements of our people. Again these are just a few highlights RoyalTee found particularly special. What were your favorite moments from the show?