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‘Fearless Girl’ vs. Wall Street Bull: the ultimate feminist standoff for International Women’s Day

Who runs the world? A bronze statue of a little girl….

If you’re in New York City, take a walk down Broadway and you’ll see the ultimate feminist ‘stand your ground.’

A temporary statue of a little girl has been placed  from of Wall Street’s famous charging bull.

It depicts the girl with her hand on her hips and she appears to be staring at the bull with a defiant expression ( aka the ‘try-me’ face, we all have one).

The statue is titled, “Fearless Girl.” At her feet is a plaque that reads, ” Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.”

“Fearless Girl”  was placed by New-York based advertising agency State Street Global Advisors in an effort to highlight the lack of gender diversity in the corporate world.

The statue is placed in the spirit of ‘International Women’s Day’ or ‘ A Day without a Woman.’ The movement is put together by the same people behind the Women’s March back in January. Its a silent global protest for all woman to either stay home from work or walk off the job and sustain from spending money today to demonstrate the economic impact and influence have on society. And if you can’t do neither of those things, wear RED, its the color of solidarity for the protest.