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From goal-setting to accomplishing, how to make moves in your business and stay consistent

Whether its personal or professional, sometimes our goals can leave us a bit overwhelmed. We know what we HAVE to do; but, where to start that’s an whole other problem. Below are some helpful  tips to ease the stress and get you going on changing you status to #goalsetting to #goalaccomplished.


           1. Vision Boards: 

Its not enough to say our goals; sometimes, we have to see them as well. Grab some magazines and newspapers cut out pictures that represent what you want to achieve. What makes vision boards so fun is that its not right or wrong way to do them. Its YOUR board and YOUR vision, so be specific about  your goals.  And after you’re done, post your board some place you can see it everyday ( i.e. by your door, the bathroom mirror, your bedroom). Make it a point to look at it EVERYDAY and remind yourself of the bigger picture and what you NEED to be doing to make whatever you want happen.


         2.  Write your goals down:

Think of it as a grocery list. Before you walk out the house, its typical to grab a paper or back of an expired (hopefully paid) bill and write down what you need to pick up from the store. This not only keeps you on track but also keeps you from spending unnecessary money on things you really didn’t need.  Start off big and work your way down. Write down your quarterly goals, then your monthly and your weekly ( or bi-weekly if necessary) and then your daily ones. You can write down anything as small as cleaning out your inbox or finally replying back to a DM  or text message ( for anyone who has a bad habit of thinking they pressed the ‘sent’ button but didn’t).  Write your goals down in the order of importance. If you know you can’t achieve one particular week, push it to another one. There is YOUR schedule.



       3. Take a day to get your mind together and get focused :

At the end of the day, rest is just good for the soul. The night before athletes have their big game or championship, they’re usually in their room relaxing and getting their mind right on what they need to do on that field or court tomorrow. This is the same approach you should take towards handling your business. Before going into full beast mode, take 24 hours to get focused on the tasks ahead.  Participate in a activity that relaxes you, go to the beach ( if you live near one), read a book, catch up with your girlfriends for lunch or go to the nail salon ( its something about the smell of acrylic and jet-bubble on your feet that makes the world a better place).  Do whatever you is  that brings the least stress. This also works even when you are in working-mode. Even Oprah and Michelle Obama has to take a break from time to time to keep their sanity!


goalsWe hope these tips helped Royal Women! Remember, the biggest failure is doing nothing.  It doesn’t matter how you chose to make a move as long as you make a move! Stay encouraged!


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