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How To Have An Epic Girls Weekend With Your Squad And No Drama

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From a sexy pool day to white chocolate at the Venetian, it was an epic weekend of love, laughs and fun for Kandi Burruss! The reality star and singer brought in her 42nd birthday with a few of her favorite girlfriends in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Unlike the petty arguments and shade we’re accustomed to seeing on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, as far as we can tell, Kandi’s Vegas trip with the girls was genuine, fun and stress and drama free. Close friends such as Shamea Morton, Toya Wright and XSCAPE manager, Treiva Williams flew into Sin City for the girls weekend.

Photo Credit: Instagram @kandi

The ladies started out the trip by taking an epic photo at the ‘Love’ art sculpture at the Venetian, followed by a treat to a JLO concert, thanks to hubby, Todd Tucker.

Photo Credit: Instagram @kandi

From what we can tell, he treated most of the getaway. Burruss shouted out her boo in an Instagram post commenting, “he made sure this bday trip was amazing.”

Photo Credit: Instagram @kandi

The hashtag #kanditakesvegas on Instagram highlights a few moments she and her friends shared on social media. Needless to say, she was defiantly living her life like its golden, as we all should be doing as women.

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From one female to another, we aren’t the easiest species to get along with. That’s why when planning a girls trip, its important to keep in mind a few factors to avoid the wig pulling and the drink-throwing.

Plan Your Trips Way In Advance

Especially for friends who have demanding jobs and families. Set the dates on the calendar at least six months to a year in advance, depending on your destinations.

Establishing A Budget That Works For Everybody

There’s always a leader in the planning activities and if you’re that person, take into consideration everyone else’s finances.A girls trip is not fun if you’re the only one who can afford it.

Invite only your close friends

Photo Credit: Instagram @kandi

These ladies are your ride-or-dies, the besties, the squad! Special moments like birthdays should be celebrated with those ladies whom you know the best and are in your inner most circle. Those women you have gone through a few things with, those who you know have your back no matter what. We don’t have time for the associates or ladies we’re just cool or cordial with, those on-again-off again homegirls, smile in your face but throw shade at you in a confessional in the back. Outsiders can also change the dynamic of the group. If I want to dance on a stage, learn to grapefruit or swing drunk from balcony to balcony ( minus the urinating as seen in ‘Girls Trips’), those are the ratchet moments I prefer to share with my closest friends.

Sometimes less is better

Kandi had at least a dozen ladies join her for her birthday weekend, which worked in her case. However there are some occasions in which smaller, intimate groups of women are better on trips. There’s less emotions, less drama and a least likely chance of cliques. Back in 2014, I went on a cruise with 10 girls to the Bahamas. Although we had a good time, it didn’t come without a little reality show type tensions, which brings up another point.

Dynamics and Relatability Matter, But Also Be Open To Differences

Invite ladies on your girl trip who all have something in common. Perhaps you all graduated from the same school or work in the same career field. As women the simplest commonalities can bring about the most cherished relationships. And if you find yourself with a group of ladies you don’t have anything in common with, be a chameleon. Be open to change and versatility. Its always a good time when we can all get along!

Leave the drama starters at home

We all have that one friend who can bring rain to the beach when a storm is not even in the forecast. I love you but we don’t have the time or the energy sis. Just leave that person be. Come on your trip with a positive attitude

Photo Credit: Instagram @kandi

Create memories, not just social media statuses

In this technological age, its so easy to get caught up in hashtags, statuses and live stories, that you can miss out on the priceless moments right in front of you. Adulting can leave us not seeing some of our closest friends for months and years at a time. Savor those experiences and companionships.

Finally, leave the hubbys and boyfriends at home

Girls trips are just that. Girls trips. If we wanted the guys to come along, we would’ve planned a couples trip. Period. Point. Blank.