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“I Think Natural Hair In Journalism Is Beoming More Common”: 21 Year-Old Anchor Rocks Her Natural Hair For The First Time

Michigan’s WLNS News reporter, Dana Whyte took a bold move on Sunday when she wore her natural hair on television for the first time.

The 21 year-old tweeted the moment to her followers.

“I wore my natural hair on TV for the first time ever today!” Whyte wrote. “This has been an internal battle that I’ve been struggling with ever since I decided to become a reporter. Finally feeling true to myself.”

Since posting the tweet on Monday [Aug. 6] it has gone viral with over 300 lives and 50 retweets and growing. Whyte has been straightening her hair for the majority of her career. She told Teen Vogue the decision to go natural has been a move she has wanted to make for a long time. She also added that straightening her hair everyday was damaging and her hair started to fall out.

“Straightening my hair every day felt like I was trying to conform to a certain image that society wanted me to be,” Whyte says. “Now, I feel like I’m not hiding behind a mask and can fully be myself. I hope this helps others know that they can do the same.”

Attending the National Association of Black Journalists conference (NABJ) in Detroit earlier this month and observing the beautiful, black women embracing who they are also inspired her and made her aware of the importance of representation.

Photo Credit: Business Insider Inc

“I think natural hair in journalism is becoming more common, but it still has a long way to go in terms of acceptance,” Representation is so important. Little girls sitting at home watching the news need to be able to see someone who looks like them on television, so they know it’s possible for that to be them one day.”

Whtye has has worked at CBS’s WLNS since May and is a Michigan native from Lansing. She graduated from Michigan University with a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts and Journalism. According to her biography on the news station website,she has a knack for bowling, loves dogs and enjoys binge-watching her favorite on Netflix.

Photo Credit: WLNS

Since sharing her photo om Twitter it has received nothing but positivity and empowerment. Many see her as an inspiration to step out and embrace their own ‘naturalista’ flair.


More and more black women are embracing their natural selves in the workplace, specifically in front of the cameras. WXIA’s 11 Alive entertainment anchor, Francesca Amiker rocks her natural coils and curls every morning for Atlanta residents.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Francesca Amiker

ABC traffic anchor, Demetria Obilor, brings her curls and charm to people of Dallas. The 26 year-old went viral earlier this year after a viewer made negative comments about her weight and outfit. Obilor has a naturally-curvy figure and some viewers thought her shape was too provocative for television.

Photo Credi: Instagram/Demetria Obilor


“This is the way that I’m built, this is the way I was born, I’m not going anywhere, so if you don’t like it, you have your options,” she says.

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