Since When Was Being A Black Woman With A College Degree To Fallback On A Crime?

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VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop’s Masika Kalysha rant about women bragging on their college degrees is not going over too well, especially with college-educated women. Like c’mon sis….really?

Familiar with the phrase, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all? Well there should be one for, ‘if you don’t have anything smart to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all’ either. That’s how a majority of the crowd feels about Masika’s latest Twitter post. Someone got under the skin of the 32 year-old reality star when she tweeted the message below this past Sunday [April 22]. It reads in part, “Ladies” ( I use that word lightly) stop bragging about your college degree that you’re not using.”

She adds that, “being dumb enough to waste mommy & daddy’s money to sit through 4 years or more of college just to ( try to) do what my college drop out ass is doing.”

Wonder who pissed #Masika off 😩

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Then on Monday, as if she didn’t make her point clear enough from the previous post Kalysha followed up with another message saying that although education is vital, its not a privilege.

“There’s a lot of privileged brats that brag about their unused diploma’s and have the audacity to take down on those who weren’t so fortunate, ” she tweets.

She adds that she’s making a living doing what half of us wish we could do.

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Kalysha is the ex-girlfriend of rapper Fetty Wap and the mother of his two year-old daughter, Khari Barbie . Despite being a drop-out ( as she states in her post) the Chicago native has made a name for herself as a recording artist and business owner of her very own cosmetics line named after her daughter, Khari Barbie Beauty.

Many women received her posts as ignorance and stupidity and the lack of respect for her fellow Queen sisters, was less than nasty.

Entrepreneur Juliet Casteneda, also known as “iamjuju_” on social media, has also made her appearances in the reality-series. As a holder of a bachelor’s and master’s degree, she was one of the first people to clap back at Kalysha’s comments, telling her ‘to each his own.’

Juju writes, ” I’m sitting on a Bachelor’s & Masters ( I paid, on my own). If all else fails, I have my education to fall back on! Continue to get degreed up ladies & gents, your knowledge can never be taken.”

BET host Jessie Woo commented, ” a black woman discouraging other women from celebrating their educational accomplishments? Does she even know what it took for women to get where they are in this country? Especially black women? How do you even type such stupidity?”

Our sediments exactly.

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Sis, if your light is shining, why attempt to dim or disrespect the light of others? When reading her comments I could not help but think of women such as Tache Woods. The now graduating Florida A&M University senior left for college in 2005, only to get pregnant a year later. Woods came back home, telling herself she would finish school, but life being as it is had other plans. By the time she was 25 ,Woods says she was a single mother full of potential but had lost her drive. In 2016, she moved her and her children back to Tallahassee so she could finish what she started all those years ago. On May 5, the mother of two will be graduating from FAMU with a 3.51 GPA!

“With tears in my eyes I write this message in hopes that it reaches some single mother that has given up hope,’ Woods shares on her Facebook page. “God has a way of restarting the clock and catching you up.”

And you’re telling us Woods does not have a right to brag? As a college graduate myself ( of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Oct. 3th 18-87, WHH-AAT!) I feel like we don’t brag enough.  No one is knocking the grind of a woman or anyone who was not fortunate enough to receive a degree. And an degree does not make you better than someone who does not have one. But being a BLACK educated woman is a something worth bragging about. Obtaining any kind of degree is an achievement and accomplishment that should be praised and not insulted.

At the end of the day, we are women, we are superheroes and are all successful in our own lanes. Masika’s comments are an example of everything that is wrong as females, specifically black women. We need more support and encouragement among each other, not to tear one another down.