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The ‘Me & Somebody Son’ Page Celebrates Everything We Love and Cherish about Young Black Love and Shows Us The Type of Healthy Love We Deserve


If you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed or your IG stories, ten times out of ten you have come across a meme from @meandsomebodyson_. The feed highlights young, black love at its richest and finest, featuring powerful, images of couples celebrating the purest, emotion you could ever feel in this world.

It’s a reassurance ( especially for a hopeless romantic Cancer like myself), that ideas such as soulmates, stability, spirituality, and the sacredness of marriage are still possible in a generation consumed by ‘situationships’ . Let’s face it ladies (and gents), we deal with people who love everything about the idea of being in a relationship, but have a problem of actually being in that relationship.

The page was created this past February and already has over 33K followers. Its creator recently told Bossip that one of the reasons she started the page was to address the issues that hold black people back from loving each other in a healthy, manner.

” My mottos are “lead with love” and “be the change you want to see”, ” she says. “I would like for my page to embody that.”

She continued, ” I have always been a hopeless romantic girl so when I found this page dedicated to Black men expressing love, I was over the moon. After some time, I started to yearn for a page that directly spoke to my experiences and my perspective ….I wanted a lane and space that I could personally resonate with. “

And don’t expect much diversity outside of the melanin. The creator told Bossip that it’s important for her to showcase black love because representation matters.

” It is also to my belief that black love is the strongest love a black person can experience,” she says. “All too often in mainstream media, we don’t see these images so we are lead to believe that it doesn’t exist, I’m here to debunk all of that.”

She continued, ” The world can be an evil place towards black people and so can the internet, my goal was to create a safe, positive, and inspirational space and highlight that black love is alive and well and exists in all shapes, shades, and forms.”

The page has been recognized by dozens of celebrities, including mentions from Warner Brothers and “Shaft” the movie. To be featured as a couple, go to @meandsomebodyson_ on Instagram for submission guidelines.

In a nutshell, social media is what you make. It’s not always the egotistical, pettiness that has you questioning everything in your origin. Every now and then, we find a page that can encourage us, inspire us and motivate us. So for those of you who feel discouraged in the chaos we call dating or seemed stuck in an even deeper, hell called ‘situationships’, be not dismayed. Their is ‘somebody’s son’ out there just for you.