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Two Black Woman Are On Their Way To Becoming The First Women Of Color To Represent Their New England States

#royalwomeninspire  Ayanna Pressley won the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts and Jahana Hayes won the Democratic nomination for Connecticut. If the two women win in November, they will be the first black women to hold a seat in Congress from their respective states.     

Every time they say we couldn’t, we did!

The moment when Ayanna Pressley found out that she won the democratic nomination for Congress is priceless and a win for the history books. On Tuesday, Pressley became the first black woman to win the Democratic nomination for the state of Massachusetts. If she wins in November, she will become the first person of color to represent the state of  Massachusetts.

The 44-year-old Democratic nominee was speechless and in tears when she discovered she was the latest primary challenger to upset a sitting Democratic member of congress, defeating 10-term incumbent Rep. Mike Capuano an district once represented by former President John F. Kennedy.

Photo Credit: CNN screengrab

When Pressley found out the news, she was shocked and broke down in tears. The special moment was captured on video by her close friend, Jesse Mermell.

“We won? We won,” she kept repeating as she looked around the room in disbelief as her husband embraced her.

That video has been retweeted over 12,000 times on Twitter.

Ayanna Pressley’s stepdaughter Cora stood in silence with tears rolling down her face as her stepmother spoke during the victory party. That image has also gone viral.

Photo Credit: The New Times via CNN screengrab


“Alright well…. it seems like change is on the way,” Pressley said.  “When I was growing up, my mother and I felt voiceless and invisible, but she made sure I knew that on Election Day we were powerful.” Let’s hope Pressley wins it all in November. No Republicans are on the ballot.
Photo Credit: CNN screengrab
Pressley defeated Capuano 59-41 in Massachusetts’ seventh congressional district.If she wins she would replace him on the seat.
“Mike Capuano is unapologetically himself,” she said.  “On many occasions throughout the years, when there was a strike or rally, I would find myself sharing a stage, a microphone, or a bullhorn with him. And well, he forced me to bring my best, just like in this race. And I thank him for his 20 years of service.”
Analysts believe Pressley won over young and progressive voters who are ready and open to change. It’s a topic the 44-year-old one is committed to.
“I knew we would be essentially alone,” Pressley told the crowd during her victory speech. “I knew we would find no favor but the Democratic establishment, both here at home and in Washington. And I knew we would have to fight for every dollar, every volunteer, every door, every voter. I knew I would be demonized as entitled and what no woman can ever be, ambitious. But change can win.”
Photo Credit:Ayanna Pressley
Her win shook social media and touched many on what it felt to be a woman of color defeating the odds, in spite of.
One person tweeted, “I’m so happy that a black woman wearing Senegalese twists unapologetically won her primary in the same state that sent two black girls to detention for wearing braids. Symbolism and representation.
Another person tweeted, “Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new a black female democratic congressman wins Massachusetts! Good for you and rock it out girl we need more women in politics!”
And another person tweeted, “Mass. Looking for change. Gotta say its refreshing to see another smart African American woman stepping it up. Congratulations, Now we are starting to look like and represent the Real America.”
Pressley is the second New England, African-American woman paving a way to Congress. Earlier this month, Jahana Hayes won the Democratic primary for Connecticut’s  5th District. If she wins, she could become Connecticut’s first black Democrat in Congress. The 45 year-old was honored with the 2016 Teacher of the Year award by President Barack Obama.
Photo Credit: Jahana Hayes
Pressley and Hayes’ triumphs are the latest, monumental political wins for the Democratic party. On August 28, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum  became the first African-American to win the Democratic nomination for governor in Florida.
Source: Michael Baisden Live ( a shared partnership)