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5 reasons why IAMCommunity’s Nikkie Pryce’s new book should be on your must-read list


Nikkie Pryce was our first Royal Woman we covered and so far we’re not being disappointed. The founder and creator of the growing IAMCommunity has just released her second self-help book titled, ‘Self Love Makeover: A Five-Day challenge to Self  Love and Self Happiness’. The outlines steps for  five days on how and why you should take time to take care and simply  yourself. In response, RoyalTee Magazine has thought of five reasons why you should check it.

1. It’s for the person who is all over the place.

And if this is not you, there is no sense in you reading the rest of this article. As Pryce clearly states in the introduction, it’s for the person who doesn’t quite have it all together. That one person who is simply taking it day-by-day because thinking long-term only causes headaches and baggy eyes. It’s the individual who knows what they want and who is on the right track (despite your inner self telling you otherwise), but is just a bit overwhelmed on how to get there. If this is you, proceed to reason #2.

2. The person who forgets to take care of home first

It can be easy to tend to the needs of everyone else except ourselves. We can get so caught up in helping our friends’ and families’ with their issues and troubles. And we’re usually quite successful in bringing that person into a better light; versus the mental wrist-slit and cliff-jumping that can plague a stressed mind. However, taking on that Dr. Phil and Iyanla Vanzant role can leave our bodies drained.  And we’re not talking just physically tired. It can leave us forgetting to do the simplest things for our better well-being; such as eating healthier, exercising or even getting our eyebrows done.  We forget to cater to ourselves; for example, or even watch a favorite movie, cook a ‘guilty pleasure’ meal or just simply lay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing (which is alright and necessary from time to time). You must take care of yourself FIRST before you can take care of someone else which leads us to reason #3.


3. Lack of self-care could be a recipe for self-destruction

Health problems, weight loss, weight gain, depression, anger, frustration, guilt, doubtfulness, breaking points, breakdowns, overgrown eyebrows, passed due nails,  the list can go on and on.  But you get the point. If you can still relate, proceed to reason #4


4. Lack of self-accomplishment

We can be praised and told all day that what we are doing is phenomenal. But it means nothing if we do not share that same excitement. It’s either we’re not doing enough or not doing it right. If that’s an inner struggle you face, lay those burdens down and  proceed to reason #5 because….

5. At the end of the day,  we all need love and we all deserve to be happy.  

These two emotions can often get misinterpreted  as feelings we are awarded when we have done something well. Wrong. You were not put on this world to be miserable. Having happiness and love is an untainted, limitless gift you’re blessed with from the day you’re born. And its one we should never get tired of unwrapping.

Those are just OUR reasons for why you should read this book. But we encourage you to seek your own. nikkiebook

To download your copy of ‘Self Love Makeover’ click here.

The e-book is free but donations are welcomed and appreciated.