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5 ways Royal Women can enjoy not only Valentine’s Day, but everyday

Yes we are aware Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday but there are still some ways to enjoy yourself and no, you do *not* need a ‘boo thing’ to do it! At the end of the day, Valentine’s is all about love and you don’t need a special holiday to celebrate that. Below are five activities  of self-love you can practice any time of year, whether you’re single or not.

1. Happy Hour with your girlfriends

What can we say its the remedy to any situation.  There’s something about having a hard, long day at work and getting a 2 for 1 martini that makes it all better. And since its a holiday, some bars and restaurants may have specials on top of their specials ( and maybe a fondue fountain if you’re lucky).

2.    Catching a movie

And we’re not talking about violent, serial killer flicks. Below are some of our favorites for the occasion:

  • Love Jones
  • Love & Basketball
  • Poetic Justice
  • Waiting to Exhale
  • Coming to America
  • How Stella Got Her Groove Back
  • Brown Sugar
  • Jason’s Lyric
  • Mahogany

3. Cook your guilty pleasure

Is there something you’ve been craving to eat lately but your hectic schedule or blood commitment to a diet won’t allow it? Well that’s what cheat days are for! Get in the kitchen and treat yourself. And if baking is your thing, try making that homemade cake or some brownies. Or if cooking isn’t your cup of tea, order take out from your favorite restaurant. And remember,  you can never go wrong with hot wings and fries.


4. Take yourself on a date

This can include everything we’ve mentioned above. Get dressed up and take yourself out on the town. Find a painting class, listen to some live music, take in a spoken word poetry reading, treat yourself to a spa day. Your date should be all about celebrating everything you love about you! And that’s something you do not need anyone else to verify.


5. Write yourself a love letter

If you ever wondered who is your toughest opponent is,  look in the mirror. As women, we can be our own hardest  critiques. We can spend more time uplifting our friends and loved ones up and not enough raising up our own spirits. We deserve more credit than what we give ourselves. Express that by writing yourself a letter or list  about  the simple things you love about yourself.  Put it up somewhere and read it whenever you’re feeling down on yourself. Sometimes its those simple reminders that make the biggest impact!