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Calm in the middle of a storm, the Woman behind the Photo: “There was no fear in my body.”

The photo of 28 year-old Ieshia Evans standing stagnant with Baton Rouge police officers during a protest is being compared to the iconic Civil Rights photos of the 1950s and 60s. CBS’s Gayle King sat down with the single mother and nurse in one-on-one interview last week to talk about how her posture has captivated an entire moment.  Evans tells King that she felt like a bystander to the injustices and that as human beings, everyone has a choice to do something  or to not to do something.
“I choose to go to work the other time during the other protest,” Evan tells King in the interview. ” I choose to pay those bills, to put the food in the refrigerator.”

And when another opportunity presented itself for her to participate, she took advantage of it .  Evans describes her experience when she stood before the officers in the streets as one with a lot of non-verbal communication.

“Sometimes silence speaks volumes.”

Although, the officers were armed with their gear and weapons, Evans was unmoved, her sundress blowing slightly in the summer breeze.

“There was no fear in my body,” she says.

ieshia1The young mother was arrested for her honorable stance. Many would now consider her a activist but Evans simply considers the moment as a divine duty.

“There was no fear in my body. ”

“God has chosen to put me in a position to make a difference, make a change,” she says. “It is more than me. It is more than myself; so here I am, I have a responsibility to do something. ”

Evans also wants her regal silence to convey another message. “I’m human, I’m a woman, I’m a mom, I’m a nurse. I can be your nurse. I can be taking care of you. I’m here, we all matter. We don’t have to beg to matter.”

You can watch Evans’ full interview below: