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Keke Palmer Plays A Hardcore, Lesbian Pimp In Her New Movie

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In her latest movie, Keke  is rocking dreads, a white beater and is still proving to be a Royal Woman. Pimp tells the story of a lesbian pimp named Wednesday. Born and raised in the Bronx, she learns the game from her father and once he’s gone, she is left to take care of her prostitute mother and girlfriend Nikki,. But that task becomes easier said than done when she comes to face-to-face with another pimp, who is  more dangerous than she could ever imagine.

Palmer touched on the role in her autobiography, “I Don’t Belong To You”. She revealed that it took her almost four years to nail down the part; and that she was determined to get the role, she made her audition tape with her own money.

“We [Keke and her mother] thought of this movie as a female Hustle & Flow, ” she wrote, “with a little female Rocky thrown in. Wednesday is a tough woman, so I had to prepare myself physically too. I worked out for two months with a trainer who toned my body so you could see more muscle and fewer curves.”

“I even studied how guys in the ‘hood walk, talk, stand and hold their money,” she continued. “I love this character and I wanted to do her justice.”

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The role is defiantly a testimony to the multi-talented actress, who could give us rugged, a tomboy in one take and a  sexy, sophisticated woman in another.

Pimp came out in theaters on November 9th.