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Los Angeles entrepreneur inspires men and women to dream BIG at an annual luncheon

Lori Battle wears a few pairs of heels. She’s a wife, a mother, a mentor and a business coach.   She’s also the host and founder of an annual motivational networking event called the Dream Girl Luncheon.

lori2Launched in 2013, the luncheon is an empowering opportunity to inspire women and men to move their dreams forward. Battle is a Royal Woman who understands the challenges people can face when starting  their own businesses, whether those hardships are personally, financially or a little of both. She started her own road to entrepreneurship at the age of 20 and by her mid-20s, she was an successful woman with several businesses.  Now she works to inspire other entrepreneurs strive towards their goals.lori3

“I’m an all around motivator,” Battle tells RoyalTee. “I love to connect people  and ideas and creativity to one another.”

In 2009, Battle started her own coaching business called ‘Coaching Design by Lori’. She tells RoyalTee helping others comes natural for her and she’s never been the cut-throat type.

“I’ve always feel like they’re enough room for all of us (success),” she says, ” me helping you is blessing me and its blessing you.”

That same year, Battle says she had a vision about bringing women together on a platform  that was positive , inspiring and empowering.  Thus, the idea of the Dream Girl Luncheon was born.

lori5“Its not just a networking event where you come and pass out business cards and shake hands and listen to speakers, ” says Battle. “This event is really about connecting dreams, growing dreams and launching dreams.”

This year’s The Dream Big Experience Weekend is expected to attracted over 500 people. It kicks off  August 25th with The Entrepreneurs Experience, followed by the  4th Annual Dream Girl Luncheon on Saturday and The Red Carpet Experience on Sunday. All of the festivities take place at the The Sofitel Luxury Hotel Beverly Hills, CA. Each year, Battle invites an phenomenal array of speakers , mostly from the entertainment industry, to share their success stories, from their humble beginnings to present-now.  Their testimonies move the audience to strive more towards their ambitions.

“Its not just a networking event where you come and pass out business cards and shake hands and listen to speakers. This event is really about  connecting dreams, growing dreams and launching dreams.”

“Its really been changing a lot of people’s lives and we’re just going to keep helping folks grow their dreams,” says Battle.

Her next goal for the luncheon is making it mobile. Battle is currently planning a Dream Girl Luncheon tour that will travel across the country. Proceeds from this weekend helps support The Dream Girl Foundation, LLC. a non-profit 501(c)3 charity that empowers girls to dream big from underserved communities affected by domestic violence.

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