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3 important lessons from Cardi B we can incorporate in our own goals

Before VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop New York,  most of us never heard of Cardi B, at least outside of the Big Apple underground music area. But now we have our mothers and grandmother bopping to her lyrics. Over the weekend, the 24 year-old Bronx native made history by becoming the first female rapper to smash the number one spot on the BillBoard’s Hot 100 Chart since Lauryn Hill in 1998. “Money moves” has joined the list with Beyonce’s “Formation” roll call as a new anthem for boss ladies. Now how can we as Royal Women incorporate Cardi B’s rise to stardom to our own aspirations and goals?

Don’t let where you came from define where you are going

From strip clubs to underground clubs to New York’,  Fashion Week,  the raw streets of the Bronx may have molded Cardi B, but it certainly does not define her. When we first met Cardi B, also known as Belcalis Almanzar, she was a loud-mouthed, fast-talking Afro-Latina chick with an contagious laugh you could still hear an hour after the show ended. Cardi B was also a former exotic dancer and she’s never been shy about talking about those days or anything, from the dysfunction of her family, relationships to  plastic-surgery. Most of all, what stuck out was her constant desire to be famous. Her dreams of being a big-time rapper and actress were often downplayed by critics and nay-sayers, but what are aspirations without a few haters? Her come-up defiantly matches the phrase of “don’t believe me, just watch”.


( Believe it or Not) Other women will support your success 

There’s a common misconception especially among  black and brown women, that all of us are out to get each other. However  when one of us win, we all win! It was women and loyal friends, family and fans who pushed the clubs and radio stations to play Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” on repeat. Her props from nearly every female rapper in the game are not to be taken lightly. The living legend, Janet Jackson, performing to her song on her world tour is nothing less than monumental. Royal women, its more people rooting for you than you know. Surround yourself with a band of people who believe in your vision as much as you do.

Be true to yourself

Because, let’s face it, trying to be someone else is boring. From the moment Cardi B stepped onto the scene, she never tried to be no one else but herself. Her bluntness, her infectious personality, even her laugh, its traits that make her genuine and real and qualities we wouldn’t have her change in any kind of way. Cardi B inspires us to embrace our flaws, those annoying habits we try to hide and  everything unorthodox about us that makes us humans. No one is perfect and that’s what makes us beautiful.  Its great to have role models and emulate their achievements. But why try to duplicate something that’s already been done? Boring!  Cardi B achieved success by remaining humble and genuine to herself. Her attitude is take me as I am or don’t take me at all, either way I’m still going to make it. Its an attitude we should all adopt as women and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Embrace your roots, Royal Women. Its what makes your brand and makes you unique.

Cardi B. You’re the real MVP!  Keep making us black and brown women proud!