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New York makes in-state college tuition free for students

If you’re looking to pursue a high education, consider New York.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently approved a initiative that allows students to go to a college or university tuition-free. It covers students from families with an income of $125, 000 or less.

But there’s a catch.

african college students in lecturing hall

In order to keep the perks, you have to live in New York for as many years as you receive the benefit. In other words, you cannot start your freshman semester there and  then decide to transfer to another school in a different state and receive the same advantages. Also you have to plan on setting down roots in New York  state. If you take a job in another state after graduation you’ll have to pay them money back as a loan.

Cuomo says its his way of protecting the state’s investment in a student’s education. Its also another way to make sure their Good-Samaritan act isn’t taken advantage of.


And who says New Yorkers aren’t nice?