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#RoyalTeeGirlsInspire: Teen gets accepted to all Ivy League schools

As a high school senior, getting accepted into any college or university you applied to is exciting. But what about when you get into every school you applied for? And they’re all Ivy League! That’s what happened to Ifeoma White-Thorpe.

The 17 year-old New Jersey teen was accepted not into one, but all eight Ivy League schools in the country. White-Thorpe received acceptance letters from:







University of Pennsylvania


She was also accepted into Stanford University. But she says that Harvard was actually the first school that gave her the thumbs up.

“I got into Harvard early action so I figured I’ll just go there,” she tells ABC News. ” So then I got into all the others and I was like, wait now I don’t know where I want to go.”

So what attracted the ‘Elite 8’ to White-Thorpe? No doubt it was her over-the-top, impressive resume. Recently, she won first-place in the National Liberty Museum’s Selma Speech & Essay Contest, where she wrote about the importance of using education to be a change in the world.  White-Thorpe is also her school’s student body president and she aces all of her advanced placement courses.

ifeomaNo doubt this RoyalTee Girl has a big and exciting decision ahead of her (but just to put it out in the universe, our former First Family are all proud graduates of Harvard and Malia is starting there this fall. We’re just saying.) However, at the end of the day, Ifeoma’s decision will  boil down to which school has the best program for her intended major, global health  and biology as well the best financial aid package. But we’re sure whatever school she decides on, she will bring #royaltee.

Ifeoma graduates from Morris Hills High School in June.