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QueenTalk and RoyalTee Enterprises present: A Queen’s Luncheon


 When women come together and encourage each other, its a powerful scene!

That was the set-up on Saturday, November 11th when RoyalTee founder and editor-in chief, Alexia McKay and founder  of the non-profit, Queen Talk and She Got Vision, Janelle Richardon teamed up for  a one-of-a-kind luncheon in Tampa, Fla.


(left) Janelle Richardson, (right) Alexia McKay
(left) Janelle Richardson, (right) Alexia McKay

“A Queen’s Luncheon” is an empowering, networking event designed to show appreciation for everything that is beautiful and enduring about womanhood from raising a family and relationships to holding the reins of the working world.

Both women have known each other since high school and are graduates of Howard W. Blake High School. Richardson attended the University of South Florida and McKay attended Florida A&M University. The women reconnected on their entrepreneurial goals to empower women.

“I’ve always inspired and motivated the youth and now my desire is to inspire and motivate the women of this world as well,” says Richardson.” Many women hide behind their smile but internally go through a lot, so with this luncheon, our desire is to remind women how great and wonderful they are.”
“Its defiantly a special luncheon to celebrate the Royal Woman in you,” says McKay. ” Many women tend to forget their own worth and value. We’re so guilty in putting those qualities in others and not enough within ourselves. We hope this luncheon would empower women to think more of themselves and know that we are Queens and worthy to be honored.”

International  artist, Diana Hardy, also known as ‘Dynasty‘, was the guest speaker.  Our only two male guests, Trumaine Burrell and  Jason “J-Boog” McGriff serenaded the crowd through song and poetry.

RoyalTee plans to make A Queen’s Luncheon annual event with ‘She Got Vision’ in Tampa, Fla.

Below are a few pictures of the luncheon:

The Queen Hostesses 

luncheon6 luncheon7 luncheon8

Kings who support Queens

( Performers)


(Left) Singer-songwriter, Trumaine Lamar and poet, Jason McGriff
(Left) Singer-songwriter, Trumaine Burrell and poet, Jason McGriff
Trumaine Burrell
Jason McGriff and his lovely Queen wife
Jason McGriff and his lovely Queen wife


International artist and guest speaker, Dynasty

Our Queen Guests


guest2 guest1

Queen Decor

luncheon3 luncheon4 luncheon5