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Mother-daughter duo show off their quirky bond through fashion and fun in a new blog

Not every mother and their teen daughter are fighting a civil war with one another.  One Dallas mother-daughter duo is showing us quite the opposite with their new blog.

As a mother, watching your daughter transition from childhood into teenage years can be one of the most rewarding, challenging and stressful periods of parenthood. We see this phase portrayed in hilarious movies such as Freaky Friday. However, there’s one pair that’s breezing through this transition using social media.

MAC & Mini Me is a fun, fashion blog started by mother-daughter team, Kristin and Danielle McIntyre of Dallas, TX. Thirty-six year old Kristin McIntyre is the creative brains behind the site, which officially launched this October.

Instagram @macandmnime


“I just wanted to do something fun and quirky and to let people know that black moms do have a special bond with their children,” says Kristin. “You see a lot of that bond with black moms and smaller kids, but you really don’t see a market out there for moms and their teens.”

During the day, Kristin works full time as a account manager for a healthcare company and a wardrobe stylist and brand influencer, hence the trendy, outfits the pair models in their photos. Danielle is hardworking, honor-roll 7th grader. The website portrays what the dynamic pair describes as their super awkward bond through food, movies and fashion. As a matter of fact, the McIntyre describes their relationships as so identical, they’re practically twins.

“We’re just the best of our personalities,” says Kristin. “We’re both super weird and quirky. We don’t like to talk and socialize a lot. We know what each other’s thinking without having to say anything.”

Instagram @macandminme
Instagram @macandminme

Twelve year-old Danielle McIntyre confirms her mother’s relationship with her.

“I like to think of her as the other me,” says Danielle. “She helps me out and looks out for me and I look out for her.”

Kristin is a wife and mother of four children overall, including two sons. Danielle is the youngest. McIntyre tells RoyalTee another reason she decided to start a blog was because she felt black mothers tend to put more attention on their sons and less on their daughters. She hopes MAC & Mini Me would showcase the need for black mothers to show the same amount of support and love to their daughters as well.

“I pull her ( Danielle) a little bit close to me because sometimes I feel that we put our black daughters on the back burner because we’re so focused on taking care and protecting our sons.”
At the moment, Kristin says she’s in control but looks forward to collaborating more with her daughter in the next year or two on writing and branding ideas.
“I defiantly want her to input her topics and what she wants to writing about,” says Kristin.

“I like to think of her as the other me”

Instagrm @macandminme
Instagrm @macandminme
Within the past month, the McIntyre have gained almost 300 followers on Instagram. Their short-time goal for the blog includes a podcast that will capture some of those awkward conversations they have as they “grow up together” and YouTube videos. As a teenager, Kristin says her daughter can look up to anyone but its special knowing that role model is her. She credits their blog for their growing bond.
“I just love the fact that she looks up to me and inspires to  be like me,” she says. “That’s the most precious  and important thing to me in the world.”

And what makes this mother-daughter duo Royal Women?

Kristin: “I work in corporate America and now I’m a entrepreneur. Throughout the different phases of my life, I’ve just remained resilient, persistent and just learning to balance  between working and being there for my family and knowing that God is number one in my life to have been able to make all of that possible for me.”
Danielle: “Social media, I don’t really care about that or make up and stuff, its not really my thing. People just think I’m weird so I just like to show them that and tell them that I don’t care, I’m different and I like it.”
To check out their blog click here