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#RoyalWomenInspire Chicago Real Estate Developer Rents Out Hotel Rooms For Homeless To Stay During Deep Freeze


If only we had more people like Candice Pryce! Sadly but typically, when most of us see a homeless person on the street we step over them and pass them by without a second glance. But not Candice Pryce! The Chi-town entrepreneur and real estate developer took out her American Express card and charged 20 rooms at the Amber Inn motel.

“It don’t take much to be a blessing to someone else,” she wrote on her Instagram. “It’s freezing cold and deadly temperatures outside! For the people who has no where to go, no money, no food, family disowned them… need help it’s not much but to get them out the cold, feed them, and provide them with warm clean clothes is a start.”

Temperatures in Chicago reached Arctic levels this past week and what Pryce was determined not to do was sit by and watch as people suffered in it.

Two men that stayed in the hotel told CBS Chicago that Candice was their hero. Her  act of kindness has inspired dozens of strangers to reach out with food and transportation donations, as well as money. Overall, more tan 60 rooms were booked for more than 100 people, including children.

“The Good Samaritan could have been a millionaire,” she wrote in another Instagram caption. “No, I am a small business owner who is not rich from the south side just helping!”