The most powerful, realest video on Black History Month by the cutest, most adorable black kids

The next time someone asks or debates you about Black History month or any day of the year where #blackmagic is demonstrated or talked about, show them this video. Its so powerful and dope, we’ve transcribed the script for you.

Alternative facts, Alternative facts

What are those?

Uh- what?

Alternative facts?

Lies- also known as stereotypes, false narrative.

Its like saying black history began with slavery, that’s offensive.

Or that we’ll never see another black President in our lifetime.

(What about me?)

This black history month, we’re focusing on the facts.

Indisputable, truth, real , #blackgirlmagic is real.

Black boy joy is real, black wealth is real,

Black beauty is real, black support is real,

Black excellence is real.

Its real! Black love- that’s real.

Black lives are real. I’m real.

Black history didn’t begin with slavery and it doesn’t end with the Obamas, whom we love and miss ( no like really, we really miss you)