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The Power of Retweets: Twitter Helps A Woman Reunite With A Friend She Hasn’t Seen Since 2006


The power of social media!

Lesson learned about this story, if you’re ever looking for someone, like all you have to do is tweet it! Bri , who goes by @briannacry, put out a search alert on Twitter Friday looking for a girl she met on a cruise ship back in 2006. Although they only spent that one moment together as children, the encounter obviously made an impact on her.

Her tweet was retweeted over 32,000 times and on Saturday, she finally got her reply. Heii, who goes by @heii_tree on Twitter, responded to the thread, saying she heard someone was looking for it.

Bri responded, “omg my heart is so happy”, with heart emojis.

Heii jokingly mentioned that she hasn’t been on Twitter in years and when finally comes back on, there was a search party looking for her.

The two, young women, no doubt, have a lot of catching up to do! After seeing the social media outreach to locate her friend, Bri also mentioned that she’s looking for a husband too. That tweet has been retweeted over 450 times since Saturday morning [Nov. 24] so who knows sis!