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Zendaya channels Erykah Badu in Lip Sync Battle and its EPIC!

Just call her Ms. Zendaya Badu.

From being an advocate for positive body image and black girl empowerment  to starting her own clothing line and going red for ‘Mary-Jane’ in Spider-Man,  Zendaya Coleman never ceases to amaze us.

On Sunday’s episode of MTV’s “Lip-Sync Battle” , the 19 year-old Royal Woman stunned audiences when she performed Erykah Badu’s iconic hit, “Tyrone”. From the regal head wrap to the stunt, we must say Ms. Coleman did Ms. Badu justice!

Watch her performance below:



And needless to say, the original Royal Woman to cut this sorry excuse of a man out the house and deny him a phone was pleased.




Zendaya girl. YOU. DID. THAT!