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Looking for a New Skin and Detoxing Treatment? Editor’s Pick: Deity America

Deity America uses all  Japanese natural products, including moisturizing  plant extracts and extra virgin olive oil…

Its moisturizing olive oil body lotion is a personal favorite of mines.

Since I’ve started using it for the past month, my skin has been remarkably softer and more refreshed. Its ingredients include Vitamin E, orange blossom and ‘subtle musk undertones.’ Highly recommended for use after a hot shower or bath ( day or night, whichever best fits your schedule).


Rubbing onto lightly, damped skin ensures moisture and its scent is soft but strong enough to give  a nice, lingering scent that will surely last you all day.

The Reishi Slim Natural Tea is a herbal mixture that consists of honeysuckle flower, natural seaweed and chrysanthemum.

Its ideal for ladies who are looking to loss weight. The detoxing chemicals can help wit those who suffer y from constipation. Highly recommended for daily use, two to three times a day,  after a major meal. Personally, I have a cup twice a day; once after breakfast and after dinner. Its therapeutic ingredients also makes it an ideal drink to have before bed. Try subbing the wine out for the tea  twice a week! That’s what I do!

***Note: Pay no mind to my Christmas cup, its one of my favorite mugs 🙂 **

Deity USA also has natural hair products as well.

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