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Meagan Good and Tamara Bass promote diversity and positive storytelling in new film project

Meagan Good and Tamara are two Royal Women who are #OnTheGo to provide more on-screen diversity and empowering stories about black women.

It’s nothing but good vibes in Meagan Goode and Tamara Bass’s newest film project and they want all of us to be a part of it.

The two #RoyalWomen are  currently crowd-funding their upcoming film, “If Not Now, When.”  You may remember Bass as “Peanut” in the 2001 movie, Baby Boy. But Bass has grown far beyond the shy, young girl who Jodie pulled back the shower curtain on.  The 38-year-old actress is now an accomplished writer, producer and Good’s ‘bestie.  Together the two are co-founders of Krazy Actress Productions.

if-not-when-1Their latest project, If Not Now, When revolves around four women who have been friends since high school. However, over the years, circumstances in each of their lives have caused them to grow apart. But a certain incident happens that brings them back together and it’s that situation that makes them realize the importance of their sisterhood.

“Right now in their lives, in order to get to that next place, they need each other,” Bass explains in a campaign video her and Good made to promote the movie. “They need that sisterhood, they need that friendship, they need what’s driven them to become friends at 14 in the first place.”

Good reflected on the television shows and movies she used to watch growing up, such as Waiting to Exhale and The Women of Brewster’s Place. She says shows like that shaped how she and other young black girls grew up. It’s something the actress says is missing in today’s generation.

“You don’t see a lot of women stories these days,” says Goode in the video. “You don’t see a lot of women of color in these roles and when you do, you certainly don’t see ‘for’ women of color in these roles.”

Another empowering aspect of this project and Krazy Actress Productions overall, is the opportunity it provides to actresses to perform outside of their element or ‘outside of the box’ as Good puts it.

“People that you haven’t seen in these particular characters,” says Goode, “giving them an opportunity to do something different and for people to see them in something different.”

“You don’t see a lot of women of color in these roles and when you do, you certainly don’t see ‘for’ women of color in these roles.” 

The film project also gives actresses the opportunity to gain more experience in the industry.

“We have the ability now to hire people that may be great for the job, but don’t have a huge resume,” says Bass. “Or haven’t had the opportunity to act (or direct) in a feature film, but it doesn’t mean they’re not talented.”

This will not be the first film project Good and Bass have teamed up on. The friends also co-directed a web series together called All That Matters. The five episodes garnered over 25 million views.

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